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Jerichower Land und Fläming

  • Blick auf die Stadt Burg

  • Elbaue bei Schartau

  • Elbe bei Burg

  • Elbbrücke bei Tangermünde

  • Elbe bei Fischbeck

  • Burger Stadtwald

  • See bei Burg

  • Fähre nach Rogätz

  • Landschaft bei Lindau

  • Wanderdüne in Gommern

  • Wald bei Lübars

  • Wasserstraßenkreuz bei Hohenwarthe

The Jerichower Land boasts a wealth of woods and bodies of water. It is the region east of the Elbe River and Saxony-Anhalt’s capital of Magdeburg, towards the state of Brandenburg. The region’s most important landscapes include the "Elbe River Valley", the "Burger Vorfläming", the "Fiener Bruch" lowlands, the "Elbe-Havel-Winkel", and the "Zerbster Ackerland" farmlands. The rolling foothills of the Fläming mountain range – the highest elevation within the Northern German Lowlands – are dominated by heath forests and vast meadows dotted with impressive boulders and villages featuring Late Roman fieldstone churches. Other, no less striking characteristics of the region include the Elbe floodplains’ pristine sceneries such as the "Brucher Brack" with its expansive meadows and meanders, or the now-drained "Fiener Bruch" moorland with sand dunes on which grow crooked pine trees. The "Burger Vorfläming" is a plateau with a slightly hilly landscape featuring some wetland black alder forests. The „Zerbster Ackerland“ is also dominated by a few wooded areas; some parts of it merge into the Jerichower Land. Its westernmost area belongs to the "Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve". The regions main cities are Burg and Genthin.

Landkreis Jerichower Land 
Landkreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld
Nature Park Fläming
Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve