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Sächsisches Elbland - Elbland Dresden

  • Blick über das Elbtal

  • Dresdner Heide

  • Elblandschaft

  • Schloss Moritzburg

  • Weinberggemeinde Oberspaar

  • Weingut Schloss Wackerbarth

The Elbe river with its valley, a striking incision in the landscape, forms the pivotal point of the Sächsisches Elbland. This region north of the city of Meissen boasts a temperate climate and rolling hills, conditions which have favored wine growing for more than 800 years. Southeast of here, the Elbe valley widens to approximately 8 kilometers. West of the Elbe river, the Linkselbische Täler and Triebischtäler valleys feature landscapes characterized by jagged rocks and dissected by rivers. The Tharandter Wald and the Rabenauer Grund, impressive and pristine places, are made up largely of mountain crests, deep ravines and valleys. Between the Elbland region and the heath country in Eastern Saxony lies the Grossenhainer Pflege, a slightly hilly area whose fertile soil is used for intensive crop growing. This is also the case further west, in the Lommatzscher Pflege.