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  • Hochmoor bei Zinnwald-Georgenfeld

  • Ortschaft mit Kirche

  • Schwarzenberg

  • Seilbahn am Fichtelberg

  • Sosa

  • Sosa im Winter

  • Steinbachtal

  • Talsperre Eibenstock

  • Winterlandschaft bei Altenberg

The Erzgebirge mountains feature the highest elevations of Saxony. Their summits start southeast of the Vogtland region and, their height gently increasing, reach an elevation of up to 900 meters at the Czech border. The mountain range’s most striking summits are located in the Obererzgebirge region, around the city of Annaberg-Buchholz, a place where the region’s long history of mining is omnipresent. Not far from there is the Fichtelberg mountain, its 1,214 meters constituting the highest elevation of Saxony. Trees and water are abundant in this scenery, whose vegetation is characterized by mountain meadows and wetlands which harbor many rare plants, and by moors and vast forests. Brooks and rivers have carved steep valleys into the mountains’ bedrock. The mountain range’s name, which translates as “ore mountains,” stems from the mining of silver ore, which dates back to the 15th century, caused accelerated settlement of this area, and wasn’t given up until the 20th century.