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  • Blick ins Tal

  • Blick vom Aussichtsturm Kemmler Plauen

  • Elsterauen

  • Freilichtmuseum Landwüst

  • Göltzschtalbrücke Mylau

  • Göltzschtalbrücke Mylau

  • Landschaft bei Jößnitz

  • Weitblick übers Vogtland bei Reuth

  • Zwischen Steinsdorf und Jocketa

The Vogtland region, a low mountain range of elevations between 500 and 900 meters, is located partially in Saxony and partially in Thuringia. Extensive evergreen forests cover its high plateaus and crests; between them, meandering rivers have cut valleys, between 100 and 150 meters deep, into the mountainsides. Water is abundant in this region, interspersed as it is with reservoirs, artificial lakes and ponds. The region’s landmarks are its extraordinarily large bridges and viaducts, which bear witness to its historic significance for transit. The Götzschtalbrücke is certainly this area’s most famous viaduct. The region’s architecture is dominated by a rich tradition of intricate half-timbering.