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Leipzig, 12. June 2017

Ioana Uricaru to start shooting "Lemonade"

Ioana Uricaru and director of photography Friede Clausz

Romanian filmmaker Ioana Uricaru has started shooting her film "Lemonade" ealier this week in Montréal. The drama is Uricarus debut full-length feature.

The screenplay follows Mara, a thirty-something Romanian single mother who works in the United States as a nurse. After she marries Daniel, an American, Mara wants to settle there, but when she tries to get a green card, a series of events makes her realise that the real America bears no resemblance to the one in her dreams.

The film with support from MDM is a Romanian-German-Canadian coproduction by Mobra Films, Halle based 42film and Peripheria. The shooting will be completed on June, 22, following Sound-Postproduction which will take place in Halle (Saale).