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Leipzig, 09. November 2021

Franz Rogowski Nominated for "European Actor 2021"

For his performance in Sebastian Meise’s love drama "Great Freedom", Franz Rogowski has been nominated for European Film Award in the category European Actor 2021. This was announced by the European Film Academy in Seville during the European Film Festival.

"Great Freedom" tells a story of when homosexuality was a punishable crime in Germany. Franz Rogoswski plays the lead character Hans Hoffmann, who is 20 years old when he is first arrested for loving men. Paragraph 175 destroys his hopes for a life in freedom. In prison, he makes the acquaintance of convicted murderer Viktor (played by Georg Friedrich). Over the years, their initial mutual contempt slowly transforms into a special bond. The film was shot in 2020, mainly in the Magdeburg prison. "Great Freedom" was co-produced by Leipzig-based Rohfilm Productions and Freibeuter Film (Vienna). Funding came from MDM, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the German Federal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs (BKM), DFFF (German Federal Film Fund), ZDF (German public TV network) as well as Filmfonds Wien (Vienna), the Austrian Film Institute, FISA-Filmstandort Austria, and ORF (Austrian public TV network). The film will be brought to German cinemas by Piffl Media on November 18.

The winners of the European Film Awards are now being chosen by the members of the European Film Academy. The awards ceremony will take place in Berlin on December 11.